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Solving Analogy Questions

Logical Reasoning for Law Entrances

Analogy questions challenge your ability to identify relationships between pairs of words and apply those relationships to new pairs of words. These questions appear in various competitive exams and assess your logical thinking and pattern recognition skills. In this guide, we’ll explore effective strategies for solving analogy questions and provide five examples to illustrate each approach.

Understanding Analogy

An analogy is a comparison between two pairs of words that highlights a specific relationship. Your task is to discern the relationship between the first pair and then apply the same relationship to the second pair.

Strategies for Solving Analogy Questions

  • Analyse the Relationship: Begin by understanding the relationship between the first pair of words. Determine how the words are related or connected.
  • Identify the Commonality: Look for a common element, concept, or attribute that links the words in the first pair. This commonality is the basis for the analogy.
  • Apply the Relationship: Once you’ve identified the relationship, apply it to the second pair of words to find the corresponding word.
  • Consider Alternate Meanings: Sometimes, words have multiple meanings. Ensure that the chosen relationship applies consistently in the context of the analogy.
  • Use Options: If provided with multiple-choice options, test each option by applying the analogy relationship to see which one fits.

Examples of Analogy

Example 1:

Pair 1: Cat – Meow

Pair 2: Dog – ?

Relationship: Animal sound

Analogy Solution: Dog – Bark

Example 2:

Pair 1: Teacher – Student

Pair 2: Doctor – ?

Relationship: Profession and recipient

Analogy Solution: Doctor – Patient

Example 3:

Pair 1: Circle – Round

Pair 2: Square – ?

Relationship: Shape and property

Analogy Solution: Square – Angular

Example 4:

Pair 1: Ocean – Water

Pair 2: Desert – ?

Relationship: Natural environment and element

Analogy Solution: Desert – Sand

Example 5:

Pair 1: Marathon – Race

Pair 2: Symphony – ?

Relationship: Type of performance

Analogy Solution: Symphony – Concert

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